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Vicious circle creates a diamond


A lonely body carrying a heart
Crippled from past ventures
Afraid of attachments and adventures
Scared to fall in love again…

Can she risk it to another pair of hands
So weak, so bleak and so foolhardy
To carry her heart, broken by millions?
Wary of the world again…

Despite the pains and promises to herself
Her meek heart won over her mind
And managed to convince her let it go
To give it another chance again…

Her heart knows the grief it has to bear
But she had promised not to shed a tear
Now already sees an inferno ahead
Still decides to go with the flow again…

With every cut, deeper will be the scar
But she no cares anymore
For “wise” is she now to know the fact
That sharper the cuts,
Brighter does a diamond shine…
Then what will she be when it all ends?
Or will it really ever end?
Will she be the brightest of all?
So bright, that it’ll blind others like her
And make them follow the path as hers?


I couldn’t tell…


I couldn’t tell you

The pain of unreached passion

Concealed love and affection

For you that my heart carried.

Couldn’t tell you the truth

Behind my rude words

So much without ruth

And missing emotion.

Couldn’t tell you about

The story behind my bereft eye

And the reasons for my broken ties

With the world outside

For whom, I was a heretic.

I couldn’t tell my beloveds

About my plethora of sorrows

Crushing my heart into pieces

Like the doomsday would do to the world

As if an apocalyptic to my own life.

My tremulous voice couldn’t convince

Against the more eloquent evil

That I was conscripted and tortured

Too impeccable to be called a devil.

Abominable it was, to be disbelieved

By you, whom I loved the most…

Unconditionally, preposterously.

I was a buff, a foolish one

That I waited for you to understand me.

Today the world is burning me to death

I’m still waiting for you to come

As I would do till my last breath

When the deeds would be already done.

Hopes were gone long ago

On the day when the judgement came

Now I move with slow gait as if lame

Towards my atrocious death bed.

Agony lies not getting executed

But to be disbelieved by dear ones

’cause my eyes are now inured

To bloody sights and body to carnal pains.

Wishes are gone, only compunction remains

For I couldn’t tell that I’m not a witch

For I couldn’t tell how much I love you

For I just couldn’t tell…….