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I’m the rain you rule


I can be a drizzle of solace
Soothing every pore on your skin
Healing wounds and easing stress
Relieving pain of sufferings akin.
I can be a refreshing rain
Washing all your deadly deeds
Baptising you of your sins
Promising and planting sanguine seeds.
Or I can be a thunderstorm
Destroying beings with my rage
Causing the darkest nights to cry
A tigress that you will not dare to cage.
I can be what you want me to be
I will be whenever you want me to be.
I am water and you are earth
So I’ll flow as you guide me.
I adjust my ways through the narrows
Through the difficult tunnel you be
While sometimes you be as vast as the ocean
An ocean that I never cease to fill up
And sometimes you make me fall like a stream
I am the rain that you rule
I am your loyal and devoted slave
But one fateful day I will emerge,
Emerge from the nothingness
From what you couldn’t see…
That day I will not stop, I will not melt
I will not be a drizzle or rain
Only rip you off like a stream does to a terrain
I will only be a fatal thunderstorm
Burning you with the lightning I cause
Neither earth nor fire can stop me then
My devil will visit you without an omen
That day I will not flinch at your rosy words
That day I will not be the rain you rule…