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Life is but a beautiful dream…


Life is but a beautiful dream…
With sun,the flowers and rivers agleam!
Each one of them inspiring us
With its own, own little story
None showing pride over its
Long, long won victory!

Flowers spread aroma of life..
Conjuring up dead souls alive..
Offered to the greats and the departed ones…
Simply personified as nature’s nuns…

To be benevolent we learn
From the mighty rivers…
For Holiest of deeds is
Satisfying others thirst…

And the richest of all kings
Is the powerful Sun,
For brightest are the jewels it possesses
And donates them all to the world!..

How can we humans contribute
To this beauty that the nature bears?
By wearing a smile that can light up the world
And carrying a heart that can wash away all dirt…