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I’m the rain you rule


I can be a drizzle of solace
Soothing every pore on your skin
Healing wounds and easing stress
Relieving pain of sufferings akin.
I can be a refreshing rain
Washing all your deadly deeds
Baptising you of your sins
Promising and planting sanguine seeds.
Or I can be a thunderstorm
Destroying beings with my rage
Causing the darkest nights to cry
A tigress that you will not dare to cage.
I can be what you want me to be
I will be whenever you want me to be.
I am water and you are earth
So I’ll flow as you guide me.
I adjust my ways through the narrows
Through the difficult tunnel you be
While sometimes you be as vast as the ocean
An ocean that I never cease to fill up
And sometimes you make me fall like a stream
I am the rain that you rule
I am your loyal and devoted slave
But one fateful day I will emerge,
Emerge from the nothingness
From what you couldn’t see…
That day I will not stop, I will not melt
I will not be a drizzle or rain
Only rip you off like a stream does to a terrain
I will only be a fatal thunderstorm
Burning you with the lightning I cause
Neither earth nor fire can stop me then
My devil will visit you without an omen
That day I will not flinch at your rosy words
That day I will not be the rain you rule…



Your light


“You have something I get attracted to.
I can see a light in you!
A light so magical, so full of life
Fills me with joy and pleasure…
Pleasure of an essence, joy of a narcotic!”

“Stay away from me!
For that blazing thing is an Inferno you see.
It burns inside me day and night
Blinding naive eyes like yours”

“I want to be burnt in that Inferno
For what you are is what I want to know
It’s worth knowing
Why and how that Inferno exists in you;
Your fire is pure and pious
I want to stay in the light you contain
For I know I’ll find my nirvana there
As does a moth
Circling around the light it wants
For its life
Knowing it’ll be burnt one day!”

“My dear, you seek a dangerous light
Don’t be a moth, don’t you fight
For something so dicey
Or you will burn yourself to death
Chasing the light that can never be yours
Rather be a firefly,
To twinkle like stars on wet grasses
To decorate the garden of a monsoon wedding…
To be the sparkles of joy for a mid night lullaby
To be light of wisdom for an angelic being
Or to illuminate the path of lost travellers…
Do not seek a light because it’ll only hurt
Be the light that you seek”

Photo credits: Photography Blogger