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I’m nothing


That moment when I realised
What it took for you to trust me
What you left behind to love me
What it meant to be told the things I couldn’t see,
I fell in love like never before…

I’m sure this is the luckiest I could be
Because I’m loved by a person
Stronger than anyone can ever be
I’m falling for you more than I thought I will
With each day giving me reasons in goodwill.

You told me to seek trust from my ownself
Rather than asking for you to trust me
But dear don’t you know?
I’m much more dubious than I show…
So please bless me for I’m a bungler
I’m inexperienced and unwise
I’m everything that I despise.

But I can’t loose you to my stupid mistakes.
I can’t let this love go in vain…
I won’t let you down again.
Tonight as I open my heart to love
I take a vow under the moon as I walk
And since my pen does the talk,
I write in these words to you…

In the deep waters of commitment that I dive,
I promise I’ll strive to save and survive.
I promise I’ll fight back the insecurities that I face
I promise I’ll be someone whom no one can replace.