The Story of a Queen

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“Shoot or he shoots you!” yelled the betrayer
Holding a gun to her lover’s head.
Fear of loosing sent shivers down her spine
She had to shoot her Love of life dead.
She looked in front, and there he stood
Smiling at their fate in deep contemplation
To kill that person, oh how she could!
Fond memories only aroused intense provocation.
She looked down the cliff and saw her people
An empire cursed to live on the air she exhaled
To their church, she was the steeple
“Oh I can’t be dead!” she helplessly bewailed.
Looked up and saw the angel smiling
Eyes twinkling as if showering blessings.
“What should I do!” Cried the queen
Hot tears running down her cheeks, cold from wind
“You know what to do” said the voice serene
Destiny had got her priorities twinned.
“Make it fast” shouted the villian again
She could but see through his nasty game.
Love’s death through her, would give him eternal peace,
While her death would lead the empire to cease.
Down the horizon the sun bid farewell
Love had to kill her before she would
Turn into a monster and roam the hell.
But kill his lady love? Oh how he could!
“Please kill me!” shouted Love
“For your people, for the love of God!”
“Do it…” said the Angel above
“Your empire would be a peace abode”
“Bang!” her gun shot Love down
“Glory!!” down the people hailed
Love’s blood stained her royal gown
“Agonies apart, her duty prevailed”.
Her people kept celebrating her victory
While her tears dried and heart crashed
For them she was a Queen of eternity
Yet inside she had herself killed!


Vicious circle creates a diamond


A lonely body carrying a heart
Crippled from past ventures
Afraid of attachments and adventures
Scared to fall in love again…

Can she risk it to another pair of hands
So weak, so bleak and so foolhardy
To carry her heart, broken by millions?
Wary of the world again…

Despite the pains and promises to herself
Her meek heart won over her mind
And managed to convince her let it go
To give it another chance again…

Her heart knows the grief it has to bear
But she had promised not to shed a tear
Now already sees an inferno ahead
Still decides to go with the flow again…

With every cut, deeper will be the scar
But she no cares anymore
For “wise” is she now to know the fact
That sharper the cuts,
Brighter does a diamond shine…
Then what will she be when it all ends?
Or will it really ever end?
Will she be the brightest of all?
So bright, that it’ll blind others like her
And make them follow the path as hers?

Welcome to my world!


A year ago, I had published this poem, welcoming people-friends, family, strangers! my world…life, a bit closer to myself…to know myself better, to know them better and for them to know me better as well; a small step towards bringing smile to a person’s face or to make him/her understand the colorfulness (dark and bright colors of life) and henceforth its beauty.

Life,  this world and everything here are beautiful…  They can be and should be appreciated whatsoever when seen through eyes of Romance… POETRY.

Today I reblog this poem as, my pride, A Piscean’s Pride completes one year 🙂

Welcome to my wolrd!

Dazzled by love


When the world sleeps in silent delight

Tasting the sweetness of million dreams

Formed beneath closed eyes

I lay awake, bearing bitter reality

Knowing my dreams for you

Formed in blue vision aren’t rosy.

The lover inside me wishes for you

As the day rises and the night falls

To awake lovers on the earth

Only to see you laugh off your failures

And move on to the fake Eden

That you have created around yourself.

We live in a dark forest of crude reality

Where you are an ostrich to obstacles

And I’m an owl blinded by

The light of your carefree aura.

You refuse to brighten up my world

With this radiance of yours

But I would rather burn myself

In this blaze like a moth.

I dream of a cold day in hell

When something inside me tells

That the day would never come

Never would a magic happen

Or a promising cast be spelled

That would revive the hopes I had,

That would change the way we live

That could transform you to a person

 Whom I can relent on and believe.


Lost companionship

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Running along the street
And jumping across the puddles
I used to make it convinient
To travel along with you.
Noisiest roads could hear our laughs clear
Toughest of pains, we could together bear.
We managed to stay good
During days so gloomy,
Boycotted from class, no fear,
We could still be happy.
Things changed as you changed your path
You mind, attitude and everything else.
I kept wondering if you were always like that
Still ready to support you in every step.
However good I tried to be
My sincerity in friendship you couldn’t see
You said cold words with ruthless sarcasm
But to save our friendship was my jasm.
I tried hard to stay patient
And see where it all takes us to
But you weren’t ready to give me a hand
Promises became castles made of sand.
You critisised me with sour satire
You became a person whom i could hardly admire.
Neither you nor I now, enter each other’s domain
Jokes are old, only formal greets remain.
I’m just a lonely traveller now
And you are my lost companion i search for.

Meet of souls…

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I was contemplating my life
When I met you, unexpectedly
My mind didn’t blow up,
Nor my heart was flying high
Everything seemed as normal
As this balanced universe.
My inner self grew wiser
And I was matured beyond age
No fear, no worries of repercussion
I found my life and me myself
Moving in the right direction…
I won’t say that you are
The lucky charm of my life
As bad days did come to me
Since life has to be interesting
But simple words spoken by you
Could give me endless strength to live
An aura of confidence and satisfaction
Enveloped me, I felt enlightened.
For some reason untold,
I could connect to you so deep
I felt as if I knew you from centuries
And kept knowing  you better as the years leaped.
To me it feels, the universe conspired
To bring us together in this world
Because its not just our interests that match
But also the minds and souls do so.
I don’t know if we’ve ever met
In our past lives and more
Nor do I know as to what exactly
Future holds, for us both.
Physical world holds no meaning to me
Since I’ve no earthly attachments to you
Our connection is spiritual, the world won’t see
But nature would celebrate as its more than love.
On Earth, I don’t know if we can be one
But the very meet of our souls
Has completed my search
My intention of magic, my fantasy of  life…
This rational world won’t believe me for sure
But I know that I have met my soulmate…

Imbolc prayer


Oh father god

Through the light that your sun produces

I can see the red of my blood

As I close my eyes to contemplate…

Its getting brighter in color

To reflect my growing power…

As i move closer to you

Since inside me you grow…

May this power grow dear lord

The power to know the world

The power to heal the people!

Oh mother goddess

Through the light that your moon reflects,

I can perceive the lives that bloom

In depth of the darkness of night!

Its light falls like silvers across the half world

And the cricket sings along to celebrate the joy

May my love grow for your children

And may nature conceive through my prayers!


Poetic doodles to delight a Piscean's heart…

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