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I’m the rain you rule


I can be a drizzle of solace
Soothing every pore on your skin
Healing wounds and easing stress
Relieving pain of sufferings akin.
I can be a refreshing rain
Washing all your deadly deeds
Baptising you of your sins
Promising and planting sanguine seeds.
Or I can be a thunderstorm
Destroying beings with my rage
Causing the darkest nights to cry
A tigress that you will not dare to cage.
I can be what you want me to be
I will be whenever you want me to be.
I am water and you are earth
So I’ll flow as you guide me.
I adjust my ways through the narrows
Through the difficult tunnel you be
While sometimes you be as vast as the ocean
An ocean that I never cease to fill up
And sometimes you make me fall like a stream
I am the rain that you rule
I am your loyal and devoted slave
But one fateful day I will emerge,
Emerge from the nothingness
From what you couldn’t see…
That day I will not stop, I will not melt
I will not be a drizzle or rain
Only rip you off like a stream does to a terrain
I will only be a fatal thunderstorm
Burning you with the lightning I cause
Neither earth nor fire can stop me then
My devil will visit you without an omen
That day I will not flinch at your rosy words
That day I will not be the rain you rule…



Will you be there?

bridesmaids and bride prepare for the wedding in the color green

I want to know if some day,
I lay on my death bed
Saying goodbye to the world;
Saying hello to a peaceful dread,
How many pairs of eyes will cry,
Shed tears of honest emotions.
How many mouths will go dry
Out of words to speak words of wisdom.

I want to know if some day,
I’m accused of a wrong deed
How many people will trust my instinct,
And how many will sow dubiety’s seed.
How many pairs of hands will rise
In support of an innocent me
And how many will rise their fingers
As my flaws would be only thing they see.

I want to know if some day,
I be crippled to stand, see or think
How many pairs of legs will support
In the day time until night fall’s brink
How many minds will show me light
Through my mental and physical darkness
How many bodies will give me the strength
The energy and motivation that I can harness.

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Going away….


Everyone said that they missed their parents

And I wondered why I didn’t feel the same…

As tears flowed out of my friends innocent eyes,

I wiped them happily and cracked jokes so lame.

My heart would cry for the sad faces of my friends

But never be gloomy that I was away from my guardians

Some said that I’m a tough heart, while to some, I had no heart!

Some just asked why I didn’t feel sad and to teach them the art.

I myself felt strange about not missing my dear family

To my heart, that was a heavier load to carry!

Don’t I love Maa Papa, or is really my heart so tough?

Or do I find silly to cry and do all such meaningless stuffs?

Days after, I could guess , the reason behind my missing emotion.

And the reason gave me great confidence and motivation.

My strong heart it was, that adjusted my ways and let me going

My rational mind it was that kept me calm through unknown surroundings…

My dear study guide


My dear study guide

I’m fed up of being guided by you

Can you just take me for a “no study ride”

Where we don’t study and there’s no one who can ‘sue’?

I know: you are fed up of my silly old doubts

As sometimes its difficult to find your whereabouts

But please understand my study guide,

Its only the rule to study which I abide.


You are to me a reference book

Yes, I mean it, my reference book

An automated machine you are which can

Quickly catch my doubtful look.

At night I call you,

For no reason

But to clear my doubts

Be it winters, summers, any season!


I’m so timid to say a word to my teachers

But to argue with you is my greatest feature

Our likes do not match, nor our dislikes do

It never happens that you suggest something and I agree upon it too.

Together we study hard and burn the midnight oil

With you I never feel tired, I never did enough toil.

We never joke, we never laugh, just fight over petty issues

We talk boring stuffs-metallurgy, waves and animal tissues.

But its you my study guide

Who always stands by my side

I get highest grade in those projects

Which I complete in your guidance

Though I get angry with you a lot

Respect I have for you will never rot.

What is that I want?

All I want right now is…
Some fun and peace of mind
As nothing is giving me a reason to smile
A beautiful poem or a person so kind.

I want to go up and stay on the hills
And commune with the holy spirits there;
To meditate all day and contemplate the nature
That would whisper into my ears, my heart’s desire.

What is that thing, that can make me happy,
Or give an unbound sense of satisfaction?
I fear that thing is missing from my life
Or is just hidden by my brains useless perceptions?

Something that can calm my restless mind;
Something that can lift up my sleeping soul;
Something that can give me a reason to live;
Something that can show me the path towards my goal.

What I feel is called “the limit of tedium”
I want something that can cure this dangerous boredom!
I’ve tried my best to explore my mind…
But could hardly know what it binds.

My dreams are too shaky to be defined
And ambition also are so precarious…
There is no way out of my blurred vision
My future seems to be a tough mission.

In a few days of unending despair
I realised many things and could find
The reality of life that is a simple fact
“Satisfy your soul to open up your mind!”

Life is but a beautiful dream…


Life is but a beautiful dream…
With sun,the flowers and rivers agleam!
Each one of them inspiring us
With its own, own little story
None showing pride over its
Long, long won victory!

Flowers spread aroma of life..
Conjuring up dead souls alive..
Offered to the greats and the departed ones…
Simply personified as nature’s nuns…

To be benevolent we learn
From the mighty rivers…
For Holiest of deeds is
Satisfying others thirst…

And the richest of all kings
Is the powerful Sun,
For brightest are the jewels it possesses
And donates them all to the world!..

How can we humans contribute
To this beauty that the nature bears?
By wearing a smile that can light up the world
And carrying a heart that can wash away all dirt…

My First Day in a School


In continuation of my post Little Girl’s poetry published on 6th July 2015

My first day in a school

Was very confusing yet exciting!

Although parents left for the first time,

The surrounding was trusting.

Surrounded with strangers

But no fear of dangers

All alone in the huge classroom

Some crying

Some playing

The game of bride groom.

Am I crying?

Or are my tears drying?

Fearing to be seen

As the “odd one out”

I thought that I should

Pretend to cry…

“but I shouldn’t lie!!”

Nothing to fear of….I must try!

I was lonely and nervous

Wanted to make many friends!

Wanted to know their names

I was really curious!

Slowly the children stopped crying

And, I kept trying

To make friends…

At last I got someone!!

Then…I didn’t feel insecured

My disease of fear was cured!