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Imbolc prayer


Oh father god

Through the light that your sun produces

I can see the red of my blood

As I close my eyes to contemplate…

Its getting brighter in color

To reflect my growing power…

As i move closer to you

Since inside me you grow…

May this power grow dear lord

The power to know the world

The power to heal the people!

Oh mother goddess

Through the light that your moon reflects,

I can perceive the lives that bloom

In depth of the darkness of night!

Its light falls like silvers across the half world

And the cricket sings along to celebrate the joy

May my love grow for your children

And may nature conceive through my prayers!



Sunday Prayer

Thy is the colour of dark clouds

Thy is the voice of their falling…

Announcing wise words aloud

Pure, fresh and rejuvenating!

Enlighten my mind, my soul dear lord!

As thou enlightened prince Arjuna’s

Let my wings spread with energy

That me inside binds…

Thy flute mesmerises the world

Thou hast created the music

Thy compassion is the strongest of forces

Described in the holy epics…

Thou art the Preserver!

Thou art the Saint!

Offering thy prayers as colour

Our lives thou shalt paint!

***Krishna! Krishna!***


Behind the pine trees


It shines

Behind the pine trees


In the blue night sky

Hiding now and then


The hazy black clouds.

Its glazy

As a piece of silver

That lights up

The world below it,

As if showering wishes

And blessings

From heaven….

Divine must be smiling

At his children

Who are amazed,

So amazed

By his glory,

This beauty!

The Holy He

I revere my teachers more than Him
I love my parents more than Him
Its Him who created these wonderful,
So wonderful people in my life…
Still He throws me happiness rife!
Such is His generosity!..

His exuberant grace, shines upon all
Even after the world’s dirty Fall
He is good, great and holy,
The Creator and Preserver He Himself solely.
Such is His glory!

His compassion is truly marvelous.
He forgives the greatest of sinners
And leads them to salvation.
Spreading beauty and elation.
Such is His mercy!

He is Divine, the universe Himself
Judgement His is the final one…
Strengthens He our coward souls
And mortal creatures He ensouls.
Such is His grace!

He saves us from pain and suffering
Shows us the path towards our goals.
Destiny of ours lies in his hands.
Nature’s His and omens are Him
Showing us way in deserted lands…
Such is His guidance!

Such is His love…and care..
Such is our Lord…Almighty!!