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Welcome to my world!


A year ago, I had published this poem, welcoming people-friends, family, strangers! my world…life, a bit closer to myself…to know myself better, to know them better and for them to know me better as well; a small step towards bringing smile to a person’s face or to make him/her understand the colorfulness (dark and bright colors of life) and henceforth its beauty.

Life,  this world and everything here are beautiful…  They can be and should be appreciated whatsoever when seen through eyes of Romance… POETRY.

Today I reblog this poem as, my pride, A Piscean’s Pride completes one year 🙂

Welcome to my wolrd!


My dear study guide


My dear study guide

I’m fed up of being guided by you

Can you just take me for a “no study ride”

Where we don’t study and there’s no one who can ‘sue’?

I know: you are fed up of my silly old doubts

As sometimes its difficult to find your whereabouts

But please understand my study guide,

Its only the rule to study which I abide.


You are to me a reference book

Yes, I mean it, my reference book

An automated machine you are which can

Quickly catch my doubtful look.

At night I call you,

For no reason

But to clear my doubts

Be it winters, summers, any season!


I’m so timid to say a word to my teachers

But to argue with you is my greatest feature

Our likes do not match, nor our dislikes do

It never happens that you suggest something and I agree upon it too.

Together we study hard and burn the midnight oil

With you I never feel tired, I never did enough toil.

We never joke, we never laugh, just fight over petty issues

We talk boring stuffs-metallurgy, waves and animal tissues.

But its you my study guide

Who always stands by my side

I get highest grade in those projects

Which I complete in your guidance

Though I get angry with you a lot

Respect I have for you will never rot.

Don’t call me a stalker


Don’t call me a stalker because I follow you

Or send you letters anonymous

Don’t be afraid of me because you can see

My shadows which no one else does.

At the day light I just stare at you

And admire you for your beauty and charm

At night I cause horrors to you

By making you feel my presence so warm.

I gift you things that you like,

Gifts of your own good choice

And always try to make you smile

With songs sung in my mere voice.

You call me a prowler, a night mare

Seeking a revenge or a game from you

But I am the one who protects you from danger

Not here for a retaliation that was due.

I am your past, your present and future

The whole story of your life…

My stupid heart aches from

The feelings for you that it nurtures.

I don’t know how or why this happened

That I fell for a person, so cold like you

You were supposed to be my enemy, oh damn!

But I ended up being in love with you!

A World I Imagined

In continuation of my post Little Girl’s poetry published on 6th July 2015

I imagined a world

Full of peace and love

Where unity and brotherhood lay.

But stood in a painful place

I say…

I imagined a world there

Where everything was fin and fair

Where every morning gave good news

But stood among people of

Corrupt views!

I imagined a world

Where everyone got their deserved right

And took the pledge not to fight

I imagined a war free world

Where happiness blossomed on all faces

And where there were no crime cases

But I am in a cruel world

A world I never imagined!

My First Day in a School


In continuation of my post Little Girl’s poetry published on 6th July 2015

My first day in a school

Was very confusing yet exciting!

Although parents left for the first time,

The surrounding was trusting.

Surrounded with strangers

But no fear of dangers

All alone in the huge classroom

Some crying

Some playing

The game of bride groom.

Am I crying?

Or are my tears drying?

Fearing to be seen

As the “odd one out”

I thought that I should

Pretend to cry…

“but I shouldn’t lie!!”

Nothing to fear of….I must try!

I was lonely and nervous

Wanted to make many friends!

Wanted to know their names

I was really curious!

Slowly the children stopped crying

And, I kept trying

To make friends…

At last I got someone!!

Then…I didn’t feel insecured

My disease of fear was cured!

Book-My Best friend

In continuation of my post Little Girl’s poetry published on 6th July 2015


I thought I had no friends

Because of my burnt skin

I used to go to the

Playground just to kick a tin.

One day I realised

That I have a friend

Who will be there with me

From my life’s start to the end.

It shows me the whole world

When I talk with it

And gives me the true light

Of wisdom and honesty,

With the free

Knowledge of courtesy.

It makes me imagine

About beautiful things

The lovely princess and

A bird with colourful wings.

Can you guess, what’s my trend?

That’s, being with a book-my best friend!

A Black Hole

In continuation of my post Little Girl’s poetry published on 6th July 2015


Every galaxy has a giant black hole

You’ll be surprised if you know

It plays what kind of role.

It sucks up everything

That comes on its way

From the large huge planets

To a beam of light, even a ray.

It was formed years ago

When large stars merged

It acquired a strong gravitational force

And then suddenly surged

Now it has become a kind of hell

Getting deadlier day by day

Its a deep black well.