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A Royal Party

In continuation to my post Little Girl’s Poetry published on 6th July 2015


I went to my friend’s sweet sixteen party

Which was as grand as a royal one.

I was welcomed with a hug which was hearty,

And was said to get ready for the fashion fun.

The ‘all girls ‘ party was held at a resort

And lasted for three long fun filled days

Everything arranged was of girlish sort

So one could see the girlish ways.

The first day was celebrated as the birthday eve

We helped her out with shopping and decoration.

A very choosy her almost needed  a sieve

To choose her dresses with great confusion.

On her birthday she wore a pretty gown

With a diamond neck piece  and a ruby bracelet

She wore a showy stone crown

We like her finely finished trinkets.

With the party on for the whole night

We ate a lot and danced till four

In the morning we felt our dresses tight

Oh! Burgers… oh pizzas … thank you! No more!

 The third day saw tired and sad faces

Which were ready to depart to their homes

No more pretty dresses with silk laces

No more discos or party foams.

I loved the party and enjoyed to fullest

And wish could attend a similar one.

Compared to others, I found it the best,

Full of mischiefs, gossips and fun.

The party was a fantastic frenzy festival

And a memorable and good gala time.

No enemy, no bitching or any rival

A good party makes the makes the friends rhyme.


It’s a rainy day!

               rain bird

In continuation to my post Little Girl’s poetry published on 6th July 2015

It’s a rainy day

Its lovely to see

The trees that sway

Pleased are the pigeons

Who have been cooing since dawn

Through their melodious coo

Have enriched my lawn!

The naughty sparrows are chirping

Under the threshold

Inside them is a pleasure

Which is untold.

The tiny droplets of water

On the majestic rose

Appears to be crystals

That are sprinkled by god’s ministerial.

The rainfall has set

The grass tender and wet.

I imagine to walk barefoot on it

And wonder of the pleasure

I would get from it.

Thought the raindrops

Have wetted the floor

And the wind

Is blowing more and more

I like my windows open

Because when the cool breeze move in

I fee like i’m in heaven!

My friend…


In continuation to my post Little Girl’s poetry published on 6th July 2015

It’s very hard to get a friend like you

Since persons like you are very few

You are the beautiful toy,

 Which fills me with joy

You are the only one

Who gives me light better than the sun

You talk of things with lot of spice

When you see my tear filled eyes

Without you i’ll be in pain

A pain which is unexplained

I’m unable to show my love for you

I love you my friend and that’s so true!

A World I Imagined

In continuation of my post Little Girl’s poetry published on 6th July 2015

I imagined a world

Full of peace and love

Where unity and brotherhood lay.

But stood in a painful place

I say…

I imagined a world there

Where everything was fin and fair

Where every morning gave good news

But stood among people of

Corrupt views!

I imagined a world

Where everyone got their deserved right

And took the pledge not to fight

I imagined a war free world

Where happiness blossomed on all faces

And where there were no crime cases

But I am in a cruel world

A world I never imagined!

My First Day in a School


In continuation of my post Little Girl’s poetry published on 6th July 2015

My first day in a school

Was very confusing yet exciting!

Although parents left for the first time,

The surrounding was trusting.

Surrounded with strangers

But no fear of dangers

All alone in the huge classroom

Some crying

Some playing

The game of bride groom.

Am I crying?

Or are my tears drying?

Fearing to be seen

As the “odd one out”

I thought that I should

Pretend to cry…

“but I shouldn’t lie!!”

Nothing to fear of….I must try!

I was lonely and nervous

Wanted to make many friends!

Wanted to know their names

I was really curious!

Slowly the children stopped crying

And, I kept trying

To make friends…

At last I got someone!!

Then…I didn’t feel insecured

My disease of fear was cured!

Book-My Best friend

In continuation of my post Little Girl’s poetry published on 6th July 2015


I thought I had no friends

Because of my burnt skin

I used to go to the

Playground just to kick a tin.

One day I realised

That I have a friend

Who will be there with me

From my life’s start to the end.

It shows me the whole world

When I talk with it

And gives me the true light

Of wisdom and honesty,

With the free

Knowledge of courtesy.

It makes me imagine

About beautiful things

The lovely princess and

A bird with colourful wings.

Can you guess, what’s my trend?

That’s, being with a book-my best friend!

A Black Hole

In continuation of my post Little Girl’s poetry published on 6th July 2015


Every galaxy has a giant black hole

You’ll be surprised if you know

It plays what kind of role.

It sucks up everything

That comes on its way

From the large huge planets

To a beam of light, even a ray.

It was formed years ago

When large stars merged

It acquired a strong gravitational force

And then suddenly surged

Now it has become a kind of hell

Getting deadlier day by day

Its a deep black well.