Dazzled by love


When the world sleeps in silent delight

Tasting the sweetness of million dreams

Formed beneath closed eyes

I lay awake, bearing bitter reality

Knowing my dreams for you

Formed in blue vision aren’t rosy.

The lover inside me wishes for you

As the day rises and the night falls

To awake lovers on the earth

Only to see you laugh off your failures

And move on to the fake Eden

That you have created around yourself.

We live in a dark forest of crude reality

Where you are an ostrich to obstacles

And I’m an owl blinded by

The light of your carefree aura.

You refuse to brighten up my world

With this radiance of yours

But I would rather burn myself

In this blaze like a moth.

I dream of a cold day in hell

When something inside me tells

That the day would never come

Never would a magic happen

Or a promising cast be spelled

That would revive the hopes I had,

That would change the way we live

That could transform you to a person

 Whom I can relent on and believe.



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