Lost companionship

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Running along the street
And jumping across the puddles
I used to make it convinient
To travel along with you.
Noisiest roads could hear our laughs clear
Toughest of pains, we could together bear.
We managed to stay good
During days so gloomy,
Boycotted from class, no fear,
We could still be happy.
Things changed as you changed your path
You mind, attitude and everything else.
I kept wondering if you were always like that
Still ready to support you in every step.
However good I tried to be
My sincerity in friendship you couldn’t see
You said cold words with ruthless sarcasm
But to save our friendship was my jasm.
I tried hard to stay patient
And see where it all takes us to
But you weren’t ready to give me a hand
Promises became castles made of sand.
You critisised me with sour satire
You became a person whom i could hardly admire.
Neither you nor I now, enter each other’s domain
Jokes are old, only formal greets remain.
I’m just a lonely traveller now
And you are my lost companion i search for.


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