My dear study guide


My dear study guide

I’m fed up of being guided by you

Can you just take me for a “no study ride”

Where we don’t study and there’s no one who can ‘sue’?

I know: you are fed up of my silly old doubts

As sometimes its difficult to find your whereabouts

But please understand my study guide,

Its only the rule to study which I abide.


You are to me a reference book

Yes, I mean it, my reference book

An automated machine you are which can

Quickly catch my doubtful look.

At night I call you,

For no reason

But to clear my doubts

Be it winters, summers, any season!


I’m so timid to say a word to my teachers

But to argue with you is my greatest feature

Our likes do not match, nor our dislikes do

It never happens that you suggest something andΒ I agree upon it too.

Together we study hard and burn the midnight oil

With you I never feel tired, I never did enough toil.

We never joke, we never laugh, just fight over petty issues

We talk boring stuffs-metallurgy, waves and animal tissues.

But its you my study guide

Who always stands by my side

I get highest grade in those projects

Which I complete in your guidance

Though I get angry with you a lot

Respect I have for you will never rot.


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