What is that I want?

All I want right now is…
Some fun and peace of mind
As nothing is giving me a reason to smile
A beautiful poem or a person so kind.

I want to go up and stay on the hills
And commune with the holy spirits there;
To meditate all day and contemplate the nature
That would whisper into my ears, my heart’s desire.

What is that thing, that can make me happy,
Or give an unbound sense of satisfaction?
I fear that thing is missing from my life
Or is just hidden by my brains useless perceptions?

Something that can calm my restless mind;
Something that can lift up my sleeping soul;
Something that can give me a reason to live;
Something that can show me the path towards my goal.

What I feel is called “the limit of tedium”
I want something that can cure this dangerous boredom!
I’ve tried my best to explore my mind…
But could hardly know what it binds.

My dreams are too shaky to be defined
And ambition also are so precarious…
There is no way out of my blurred vision
My future seems to be a tough mission.

In a few days of unending despair
I realised many things and could find
The reality of life that is a simple fact
“Satisfy your soul to open up your mind!”


4 thoughts on “What is that I want?”

    1. yeah. sometimes we end up taking up professions, field of studies due to social pressure, that are not for us in any case… that is what to be avoided.
      Thank you so much 🙂


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