A Royal Party

In continuation to my post Little Girl’s Poetry published on 6th July 2015


I went to my friend’s sweet sixteen party

Which was as grand as a royal one.

I was welcomed with a hug which was hearty,

And was said to get ready for the fashion fun.

The ‘all girls ‘ party was held at a resort

And lasted for three long fun filled days

Everything arranged was of girlish sort

So one could see the girlish ways.

The first day was celebrated as the birthday eve

We helped her out with shopping and decoration.

A very choosy her almost needed  a sieve

To choose her dresses with great confusion.

On her birthday she wore a pretty gown

With a diamond neck piece  and a ruby bracelet

She wore a showy stone crown

We like her finely finished trinkets.

With the party on for the whole night

We ate a lot and danced till four

In the morning we felt our dresses tight

Oh! Burgers… oh pizzas … thank you! No more!

 The third day saw tired and sad faces

Which were ready to depart to their homes

No more pretty dresses with silk laces

No more discos or party foams.

I loved the party and enjoyed to fullest

And wish could attend a similar one.

Compared to others, I found it the best,

Full of mischiefs, gossips and fun.

The party was a fantastic frenzy festival

And a memorable and good gala time.

No enemy, no bitching or any rival

A good party makes the makes the friends rhyme.


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