Don’t call me a stalker


Don’t call me a stalker because I follow you

Or send you letters anonymous

Don’t be afraid of me because you can see

My shadows which no one else does.

At the day light I just stare at you

And admire you for your beauty and charm

At night I cause horrors to you

By making you feel my presence so warm.

I gift you things that you like,

Gifts of your own good choice

And always try to make you smile

With songs sung in my mere voice.

You call me a prowler, a night mare

Seeking a revenge or a game from you

But I am the one who protects you from danger

Not here for a retaliation that was due.

I am your past, your present and future

The whole story of your life…

My stupid heart aches from

The feelings for you that it nurtures.

I don’t know how or why this happened

That I fell for a person, so cold like you

You were supposed to be my enemy, oh damn!

But I ended up being in love with you!


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