It’s a rainy day!

               rain bird

In continuation to my post Little Girl’s poetry published on 6th July 2015

It’s a rainy day

Its lovely to see

The trees that sway

Pleased are the pigeons

Who have been cooing since dawn

Through their melodious coo

Have enriched my lawn!

The naughty sparrows are chirping

Under the threshold

Inside them is a pleasure

Which is untold.

The tiny droplets of water

On the majestic rose

Appears to be crystals

That are sprinkled by god’s ministerial.

The rainfall has set

The grass tender and wet.

I imagine to walk barefoot on it

And wonder of the pleasure

I would get from it.

Thought the raindrops

Have wetted the floor

And the wind

Is blowing more and more

I like my windows open

Because when the cool breeze move in

I fee like i’m in heaven!


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