Little Girl’s poetry

In the days  to come, I would publish some poems that I wrote as a little girl, probably when I was in 5th or 6th standard…

Here’s the first one…


Mridusmita means

one with a sweet smile

Really, my smile is

as long as a mile.

It seems to my friends,

that I’ve no humour;

Daddy’s girl they call me,

but that’s just a rumour.

Unique styles I have

you know.

Stars too are my friends

I have no foe.

Magic and mantra are things

I hate to believe in

I avoid them as far as possible

am I doing a sin?

Though I write poems

I have a different ambition

Astronomy is my subject,

in it, I acquire the first position!

Here I would like to mention that I left the idea of being an Astronomer years ago. 😛


12 thoughts on “Little Girl’s poetry”

  1. That is such a cute poem! And soon you will change your goal from Astronomer which you have already dropped to Astrophysics – and Skymerge and Skysplitter will be your bibles!


    1. Sir, I have already done that! Physics is my favourite subject…actually it is more than that. I was planning to take physics hons this year only…but I couldn’t even think of leaving engg… so I’ve got admitted to engg. PHYSICS will still remain my subject…forever and as I told you earlier, I would surely read this book for, just by its name, I got an intuition that it must deal with physics. thank you for the comment. 🙂


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