An empty head-the babysitting tale


No nostalgic memories make me smile;

No sad memories make me cry.

The string of thoughts have completed a mile

Still nothing good that I can describe.


My head is empty, tired with the day’s work

I should tell her a story but my brain doesn’t work.

The girl beside me is a three year old

And wants me to amuse her with a story untold.


And just now she made and wasted her frock

That was just enough to piss me off!

Though I’m holding on my anger since I sit her

I don’t think I’ll be able to do that any longer.


Sitting with a paper and a pen between my lips,

I stare at the cream walls of my room

As if searching for a creative inspiration from

The speechless, boring and empty walls.


She thinks I’m busy writing for her

A story of battles between brave kings

Here I’m scribbling the white sheet

With doodles and words of random meanings!


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