An empty head-the babysitting tale


No nostalgic memories make me smile;

No sad memories make me cry.

The string of thoughts have completed a mile

Still nothing good that I can describe.


My head is empty, tired with the day’s work

I should tell her a story but my brain doesn’t work.

The girl beside me is a three year old

And wants me to amuse her with a story untold.


And just now she made and wasted her frock

That was just enough to piss me off!

Though I’m holding on my anger since I sit her

I don’t think I’ll be able to do that any longer.


Sitting with a paper and a pen between my lips,

I stare at the cream walls of my room

As if searching for a creative inspiration from

The speechless, boring and empty walls.


She thinks I’m busy writing for her

A story of battles between brave kings

Here I’m scribbling the white sheet

With doodles and words of random meanings!


The Holy He

I revere my teachers more than Him
I love my parents more than Him
Its Him who created these wonderful,
So wonderful people in my life…
Still He throws me happiness rife!
Such is His generosity!..

His exuberant grace, shines upon all
Even after the world’s dirty Fall
He is good, great and holy,
The Creator and Preserver He Himself solely.
Such is His glory!

His compassion is truly marvelous.
He forgives the greatest of sinners
And leads them to salvation.
Spreading beauty and elation.
Such is His mercy!

He is Divine, the universe Himself
Judgement His is the final one…
Strengthens He our coward souls
And mortal creatures He ensouls.
Such is His grace!

He saves us from pain and suffering
Shows us the path towards our goals.
Destiny of ours lies in his hands.
Nature’s His and omens are Him
Showing us way in deserted lands…
Such is His guidance!

Such is His love…and care..
Such is our Lord…Almighty!!

Allergic to ‘E’ challenge (kinda intersting stuff to do…after a boring week!!)

I was nominated for Allergic to ‘E’ Challenge by my friend Mon. Here’s what I came up with.


I’m writing rubbish about LINGUISTIC COMMUNICATION.


I don’t talk much as I’m afraid of it. My job is that I always mix up words of various forms of LINGUISTIC OMMUNICATION that I know. I can talk in as many as six forms. But this fact is actually troubling kind of a thing now. Writing is okay as I am always conscious about what words I’m using. I want to rid this habit from my mind and soul ASAP. It is important for my survival 😛 . Obviously I can’t stay dumb!!!!


It just a story! I’m not so smart to know six forms of LINGUISTIC COMMUNICATION! Thank you!


I would like to nominate:

  • collegelady17
  • swajithkas
  • palalaa
  • Ayushi joshi
  • Preetixd


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Beauty and inspiration is there not just in realizing your skills and talents but loving and polishing them.


I started writing poems by scribbling stuff on my notebook. That was when I was in the fifth grade. It took almost a year for me to realise that those seemingly nonsensical lines actually held beautiful meanings, rhyming enough to be called “Poems”. My life didn’t change suddenly, as I started keeping them – un-thrashed. Only new thing I did was, note down every new poem in a diary so that I do not lose them. I did this on the suggestion of Ms. Anandita Paul, who was my class teacher at that time. She and Maa(mother) were two people encouraged me the most as I started.


Years passed and I started writing better and people started knowing my skill. But, I didn’t really consider it my passion nor I wanted to work upon it. To be honest, I never even gave any of my poems to be published in a magazine. Things actually changed when I realized that it is my passion. I already had a natural affinity towards reading and writing which were kept hidden by my mind’s “be practical” ideas. My heart’s desire had been suppressed temporarily by my rational mind. But I’m thankful that those desires didn’t dry up. They are still alive! Thank goodness for that. Earlier I never feared of losing my skills, didn’t really bother about it. But now I pray to god that they remain with me for my life and keep growing.


I would always be thankful to my friends, who encouraged me. I have a small friend circle but a beautiful one. Best of friends I have … as my friends. Reality is that life is boring for boring people….so it was with me. 😛 But since I have got two lovers now (yes I’m doubling 😉 ) I can enjoy myself. Reading and writing are my two lovers and I’m marrying both of them (Polygamy, I know. Please don’t sue me! 😛 ).


 Beauty and inspiration is there not just in realizing your skills and talents but loving and polishing them.


In my life at least this realization has made all the difference!

My Bedroom-A Creative Parlour


My bedroom is our favourite hangout place

Where me and my cousins enjoy,

After the day’s hardworking phase

Or just to celebrate the “study-break” joy.

Its walls are filled with chemistry tables

Which makes it look like a laboratory

With plenty of large windows and a telescope

It looks like a stellar conservatory

We are the stargazers inside it

Whose nigh time hobby is to do research

We observe the sky beautifully it

With stars and constellations that we search.

Its walls are decorated with colourful pictures

And pictures are decorated with frames.

Pictures that depict our childhood adventures

And frames that bear countless names.

The chimes that hang on the ceiling

Strangely canopy whole of my room.

The soothing tunes give a wonderful feeling

Far off from the noisy rock and boom.

The shelves of my room are filled with books

And lot and lots of stationaries

And loads of albums with funny looks

And prizes and medals and confectionaries!

My soft board holds all my creativity

And tickets for movies and concerts

My white board helps me understand topics like resistivity

And do calculations like experts.

Then is our favourite place-Dressing Corner

With colourful dresses and shining accessories.

Even the boys like being here together

And girls like these curious smilies.

Not only the chimes make us dance

But also the disco lights do so,

You can find one at every corner at a glance.

They make us party but later tip-toe.

Pieces of stained glass that broke off from my mug

Now beautifully colour the white walls

We cousins stare them lying on the rug

For long hours, till the sun falls.

Overall my room is a creative parlour

Which is better than any holiday spot.

It has fabulous designs at every corner

We all enjoy here a lot!