Beauty is nothing without a lover…

Beauty is nothing without a lover…


Aurora wouldn’t have been so divine…

If there weren’t eyes perceiving it.

The ocean would’ve sunken beneath,

If there weren’t any appreciations for him lit.


Every beautiful thing is beautiful,

Just because they are perceived to be

Be it the white mountains, standing with pride,

Or the garden’s greenery, the lea.


Because beauty is something precious,

Understood only by lovers like us,

Beauty is, the language of love

No one ever makes out of it a fuss.


It is complex, not easily explained

It’s a lover’s imagination of his love!

To pen down its description unrestrained,

Is something that is very tough!


It’s a wife dressed up to romance her husband,

It’s a flower picked up to gift someone so pleasant.

What beauty is without a lover,

Is same as Universe without an endeavour.


Beauty is nothing without a lover

So is a butterfly without a flower.

Romeo was no one without Juliet,

But together they taught, love’s alphabet.



15 thoughts on “Beauty is nothing without a lover…”

      1. hello Mon!
        here it is…

        I was nominated for Allergic to ‘E’ Challenge by my friend Mon. Here’s what I came up with.
        I’m writing rubbish about LINGUISTIC COMMUNICATION.
        I don’t talk much as I’m afraid of it. My job is that I always mix up words of various forms of LINGUISTIC OMMUNICATION that I know. I can talk in as many as six forms. But this fact is actually troubling kind of a thing now. Writing is okay as I am always conscious about what words I’m using. I want to rid this habit from my mind and soul ASAP. It is important for my survival 😛 . Obviously I can’t stay dumb!!!!
        It just a story! I’m not so smart to know six forms of LINGUISTIC COMMUNICATION! Thank you!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I know how you feel! 😮 When I am writing, I am stream-line my thoughts. When I am talking, I mutter, get scared and shy XD I worry what others are thinking and find the experience of talking with strangers so tiring :I


      3. Seriously! while we talk…we do not have so much time to think and say. while writing gives us enough time to express our feelings the way it should be.
        Anyways…knowing six languages is something which i can never do. This para was just for the sake of the challenge you gave me.
        Thank you so much for nominating my name. I enjoyed it a lot!


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