Your silent voice..

His eyes speak out his deepest feelings though he can’t even utter a single word out of his mouth…
There is an untold innocence on his face and a beautiful spark in his smile..that makes this girl go gaga to meet him everyday!

Does real love need any communication through audible words?

Do we need to “speak out” honest words to gain someone’s trust…if we have a true heart?

This poem answers these questions….

Your silent voice..

The silent voice you have..
Sings to me songs suave
It tells stories of kings, shepherds ang love..
Its beautiful as a peacock, peaceful as a dove.

Its like the banyan tree giving shade..
Against the hot sun, sharp as a blade
As it gives peace to my mind
From the hustle bustle that the cities bind.

Your silent voice speaks to me..
Tells me about the beauty of sea..
It motivates me on my success
And consoles me on my failures.

Your silent voice coordinates with your eyes
And together they speak out your mind.
Dare you hide something from me..
I can quickly catch your innocent lies!

Your silent voice gives me the freedom
To judge your heart’s feelings,
Feelings that are quite random
Because you fear the shortcomings.

Your silence just adds to your charm..
I find it a beauty in itself..
Its not a weakness but your strength,
Stronger than even the largest pelf.

You say that its a curse on you
To stay quiet forever…
But I say that its a boon for me,
You speak to me and stay quiet to the world,


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