Beautiful memories…

bro sis

Beautiful memories make me cry
Those tears wet our siblinghood tie.
It strengthens as a wetted thread
Keeps strengthening as the years lightly tread.

I still remember those colourful days,
When you used to pay for my childish ways.
Remember, i ‘gifted’ you a painful bite,
After a big and a noisy fight?
Not to loose temper, i still do try
Beautiful memories make me cry.

Oh sweet brother, how late i realize,
For my infantile games, i kindly apologise!
Only reason why, you used to join me,
Always used to be my desperate plea.
And used to bear my deplorable countenance,
Used to play with me on my insistence.
I’m always astonished by the ideas you ply.
Beautiful memories make me cry.

Oh how I envy those blissful days
In the green and yellow fields adays
We used to search for flowers and flies
I used to get trapped in muddy crevices.
I still love to enjoy things that elders deny,
Beautiful memories make me cry.

You are a source of inspiration dear brother
Well wishes for you fill my prayers.
With the loveliest things of world, may god bless you.
I won’t forget you, don’t forget me too!
Our blood may not match
But its the relationship which matters.
I assure, to never cony-catch
Whether its- gold, silver or tatters.
Seeing you succeed , my aspirations fly.
Beautiful memories make me cry.


3 thoughts on “Beautiful memories…”

  1. Hi,
    I wasn’t familiar with cony. I looked it up it’s a rabbit. I am publishing a post in a few hours on cultural idioms, so I am interested. You’ll find an excerpt from your poem in it! =) Nice to meet you. I am Janice. Thank you for following my blog, Reflections.

    Liked by 1 person

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