For a friend…

From my diary
19th April 2015
8:30 p.m.
Once you have a good friend, you never want to have SOLITUDE. You just need that friend’s
Shoulder on which you can cry out your sorrows…
His caring hands to be guided with…
His loving words and helpful advices when you are worried…
His excited ears, always ready for your good news…
His time to celebrate your success …
His support when you fail.
You have a good friend…a true one and she’s me. I’m there to support you in every step of your life. If you still feel that you can’t share your problems with me then probably you don’t consider me your friend! You just consider me as a mere tool to pass your time and avoid boredom. You think that I’ll get disturbed if you tell me. But I won’t because to me my friend is another priority and to support him is my duty!!


8 thoughts on “For a friend…”

  1. Chhaya;
    I would like to have a such a friend in my blogging life, are you interested to be my this type of friend, don’t worry, I will not compel you, take your time, visit my blog, read my some of the posts and after analyzing, scrutinizing and doing all the inspection, if you feel am worth of your friendship do not hesitate to comment on my most recent posts and that will be the beginning of most wonderful and best blogging friendship, remember everything is optional.
    Wishing you all the best……………..

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  2. Chhaya;
    Thanks for considering me worth of your friendship and subscription of my blog, I too did the same, eagerly awaiting to welcome my new friend on my blog, I wish, my new friend will not disappoint me.
    Wishing you all the best……………………

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      1. Chhaya;
        Thanks for your very short yet sweet compliments.
        Don’t you think you are taking too much time to visit my blog?????????????????????????????????????, eagerly awaiting to welcome my new, very sweet, little, caring and sharing friend.
        Wishing you all the best………………….


    1. thanks a lot for your kind words sir. m pleased that you liked my post “for a friend” .
      you are a amazing poet and an inspiration for me…. I have always wanted to tell a story through my poems, but find it quite difficult. Reading your poems gives me the motivation and courage to do that.
      best wishes…


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