Beauty is nothing without a lover…

Beauty is nothing without a lover…


Aurora wouldn’t have been so divine…

If there weren’t eyes perceiving it.

The ocean would’ve sunken beneath,

If there weren’t any appreciations for him lit.


Every beautiful thing is beautiful,

Just because they are perceived to be

Be it the white mountains, standing with pride,

Or the garden’s greenery, the lea.


Because beauty is something precious,

Understood only by lovers like us,

Beauty is, the language of love

No one ever makes out of it a fuss.


It is complex, not easily explained

It’s a lover’s imagination of his love!

To pen down its description unrestrained,

Is something that is very tough!


It’s a wife dressed up to romance her husband,

It’s a flower picked up to gift someone so pleasant.

What beauty is without a lover,

Is same as Universe without an endeavour.


Beauty is nothing without a lover

So is a butterfly without a flower.

Romeo was no one without Juliet,

But together they taught, love’s alphabet.



Your silent voice..

His eyes speak out his deepest feelings though he can’t even utter a single word out of his mouth…
There is an untold innocence on his face and a beautiful spark in his smile..that makes this girl go gaga to meet him everyday!

Does real love need any communication through audible words?

Do we need to “speak out” honest words to gain someone’s trust…if we have a true heart?

This poem answers these questions….

Your silent voice..

The silent voice you have..
Sings to me songs suave
It tells stories of kings, shepherds ang love..
Its beautiful as a peacock, peaceful as a dove.

Its like the banyan tree giving shade..
Against the hot sun, sharp as a blade
As it gives peace to my mind
From the hustle bustle that the cities bind.

Your silent voice speaks to me..
Tells me about the beauty of sea..
It motivates me on my success
And consoles me on my failures.

Your silent voice coordinates with your eyes
And together they speak out your mind.
Dare you hide something from me..
I can quickly catch your innocent lies!

Your silent voice gives me the freedom
To judge your heart’s feelings,
Feelings that are quite random
Because you fear the shortcomings.

Your silence just adds to your charm..
I find it a beauty in itself..
Its not a weakness but your strength,
Stronger than even the largest pelf.

You say that its a curse on you
To stay quiet forever…
But I say that its a boon for me,
You speak to me and stay quiet to the world,

Beautiful memories…

bro sis

Beautiful memories make me cry
Those tears wet our siblinghood tie.
It strengthens as a wetted thread
Keeps strengthening as the years lightly tread.

I still remember those colourful days,
When you used to pay for my childish ways.
Remember, i ‘gifted’ you a painful bite,
After a big and a noisy fight?
Not to loose temper, i still do try
Beautiful memories make me cry.

Oh sweet brother, how late i realize,
For my infantile games, i kindly apologise!
Only reason why, you used to join me,
Always used to be my desperate plea.
And used to bear my deplorable countenance,
Used to play with me on my insistence.
I’m always astonished by the ideas you ply.
Beautiful memories make me cry.

Oh how I envy those blissful days
In the green and yellow fields adays
We used to search for flowers and flies
I used to get trapped in muddy crevices.
I still love to enjoy things that elders deny,
Beautiful memories make me cry.

You are a source of inspiration dear brother
Well wishes for you fill my prayers.
With the loveliest things of world, may god bless you.
I won’t forget you, don’t forget me too!
Our blood may not match
But its the relationship which matters.
I assure, to never cony-catch
Whether its- gold, silver or tatters.
Seeing you succeed , my aspirations fly.
Beautiful memories make me cry.

For a friend…

From my diary
19th April 2015
8:30 p.m.
Once you have a good friend, you never want to have SOLITUDE. You just need that friend’s
Shoulder on which you can cry out your sorrows…
His caring hands to be guided with…
His loving words and helpful advices when you are worried…
His excited ears, always ready for your good news…
His time to celebrate your success …
His support when you fail.
You have a good friend…a true one and she’s me. I’m there to support you in every step of your life. If you still feel that you can’t share your problems with me then probably you don’t consider me your friend! You just consider me as a mere tool to pass your time and avoid boredom. You think that I’ll get disturbed if you tell me. But I won’t because to me my friend is another priority and to support him is my duty!!

Welcome to my world!

Today sweet memories knocked my mind’s door…
When I saw you in the market against the stoor.
Feelings for you that my mind had conceived
Years ago, as far as my eyes can perceive…
Rose from their graves to embrace you
And to welcome you to my world again.

Your eyes still shone like in the days of yore
It seemed as though, they wanted to see me more.
A volcano of desire erupted from my soul
My heart melted away like lava, desires defoul!
My instincts told me to talk to you
And to welcome you to my world again.

I stood motionless, spechless in the crowd,
Veiling my face which now wrinkles enshroud,
Waiting for you to wave and smile…
You did, and I was flattered by your mysterious guile..
I closed my eyes to remember the young you,
And to welcome you to my world again.

Reminicences of romantic days started dancing before me eyes,
When we lovers wondered where our future together lies…
How we spent those days staring at each other..
With cuddles and caresses that seemed to continue forever.
As we came closer, I was tempted to kiss you,
And to welcome you to my world again.

But oh dear, just understand the complications,
My hands tied with moral obligations.
I need to bear the responsibilities of matronhood,
So want to burn away the memories of our teenagehood.
I fear to loose you again, to love you..
And to welcome you to my world again!